Free 2-Way Card Mirror for Trello

Sync cards between boards and workspaces with this Trello powerup. Your first 5 mirror cards are free!

Five cards free

Each workspace gets five free mirror cards. Please contact [email protected] for more.

Full syncing

Labels, checklists, comments, checkitems, and more are all synced in both directions between cards.

Across Workspaces

You can sync cards between workspaces. Create executive overviews and client portals with this powerup!

Step 1: Click any card

Click on any card and click the "Create Mirror" button.

Step 2: Select target

Select the target board & list, and then click "Start Syncing"

Step 3: That's it!

Your card is now synced! Any changes to one will be mirrored to the other and vice versa.


If you run into any bugs or have questions, please email [email protected]

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